I Am Never Alone; I Have Me!

The emptiness of loneliness is just a myth! It is okay to be alone. However people fight never to be alone, self-help gurus sell millions of books and sell out arenas around the world to teach how to be happy alone. The bigger question is why do people pay so much not to be with themselves? You have to come to the understanding that you are a great person.

It’s important that you love your first before you can like anybody else. Loneliness is not the absence of someone else rather it’s an opportunity to discover who you really are.

Face The Mirror

Facing who you are can be one of the scariest things in the world. Engaging in friendships or relationship can be distracting. It’s easy to get lost in the image that other people may view you in. It’s within human nature not to disappoint those that you are closest however at times those views of other people can project themselves on you. As time goes by you, lose a sense of who you really are.

Time by yourself is a great opportunity to get that to who you are. This is a great time to remember what makes you happy, what makes you sad. To remember the good times, and to reverence the sad times. To come to the understanding of who are you really can only be done in the time of seclusion.

Embrace Being Alone

Human beings are social creatures we like to socialize with those that we have something in common. However just like anything else too much of a good thing is hazardous to health. When you have the chance to get some alone time, you should embrace this time and start to take care of you.

I’m sure many of the thousands of books and videos about how to be happy alone will state embrace the time that you have to be with yourself. Spend this time exploring your deep inner being. Find out something new about you, whether it’s a new hobby, and new favorite food or even a new favorite color. No one knows you like you.

Take Inventory

Live life to the fullest! Up to this one you may have made some mistakes and you must know it is okay to make mistakes. You survive those mistakes and are living today that in itself is a reason to celebrate. It’s all in you,  the past has nothing you can do to change and so why regret it?

Life is great and is too busy to slow down and worry about the things of the past. It’s okay to own up to the mistakes; it is not okay to allow those past mistakes to hinder you from moving forward up. Life is here, enjoy it! Experience every moment that it has to offer. Always remember you are here for a purpose and in your alone time figure out what that purpose is.

Nursery Rhymes – Your Child’s Dream World

Kids live in their own world of imaginations. Nursery rhymes websites and videos make their dream world more colourful, full of life and mesmerizing. This is the most interesting and the best possible way of learning. It also carries an emotional value in our life as nursery rhymes connect us to our last and next generation. We heard the beautiful rhymes from our parents and grandparents and then we become nostalgic while singing it for our children. Isn’t it a beautiful bond that we share?

Nursery rhymes are stories recited or sung in a rhythmic manner. This robust learning tool introduces the child to many aspects like new vocabularies, language, intonations, enunciation and most importantly the books.

Rhymes- through books or through animated movies?

Nursery rhymes can be introduced to the child in many forms like through books, audio with music or animated films. All the techniques are helpful in developing your child’s personality. Books enhance the child’s reading skills and audio/video develops listening skills and boosts the child’s ability of grasping and learning.

Importance of Nursery rhymes

  • The rhythm and the repetition in the rhymes help the child in memorizing without efforts as they hear the same sentences and vocabularies again and again.
  • The nursery rhymes are short but very descriptive and expressive, because of which the child doesn’t lose interest. The listening skills develop as they love to listen from starting to end.
  • The nursery rhyme books introduce the child to literacy. Even before developing the reading skills, it teaches the child to sit and learn how to handle books. It instils in your child the love for books.
  • The child learns the vocabularies much easily. It even helps your child to learn and use prepositions like on, at, over, to, down, up, behind and in front of.
  • It develops the child’s personality as the children sing the rhymes in the group. It helps the child to connect with his or her peers. They learn to be a part of the social circle and the joy of living and doing things together.

Why Teach Children Nursery Rhymes?

Nursery rhymes are said to be effective when it comes to entertaining and stimulating the imagination of children. They are also ideal enough to educate these people in the promotion of language and literacy skills. Usually, they are employed because musical rhymes are very easy to remember. If by any chance, you want to consider teaching your children how these nursery rhymes work, it would be interesting to know that there are various benefits to this. It does not matter whether you plan on teaching them old rhymes like old MacDonald had a farm or the new ones. All of these may just be a great experience for the child. But, what has to be done?

How to Make the Most of Nursery Rhymes

Recently, it has been shown that to teach the best children nursery songs to have a positive impact on the future that lies for them. Basically, these rhymes are considered because they are beneficial enough to the development of the child. Aside from this, researchers have also shown that they are effective enough in optimizing the spatial reasoning of the kid. This is advantageous, right? With this, it is expected that the child is going to perform just great. They will be able to excel in their studies.

There are studies showing that children who get to memorize rhymes at a very young age come with greater levels of academic success. They can do this in subjects including English, Science and Math. There are still points that have to be identified so that additional benefits may be enjoyed in the process. These rhymes are going to be useful. These are the following:

  • Preschool nursery rhymes are seen to be the building blocks to the reading of the person. Once a child learns how to rhyme, he will be able to recognize word families right away. This may begin as they learn how to do phonics. They will also have a great understanding of the word chunks which may come with a similar sound. This may also be those which come with similar spelling. Decoding words may be the best here. This is going to transpire quickly with fluency.
  • Mother Goose rhymes are also the best. These would utilize familiar parts including plot, setting and character. Children would have to be introduced to these parts of a story so that they can be helped in the building of comprehension skills. These are going to help them in organizing their thoughts. They will be able to remember stories better as this occurs. They can find parts on the story and even on a complex literature.

There are times when short stories characters are employed like you can use as lively Xmas music. They can be given problems and then would have to be solved afterwards. There are instances when solutions are said to be tragic in nature. Take a good look at Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill. However, the children will have to discover a good story as a solution and problem. All of these are going to work. This is the assurance in here.

The Introduction of Nursery Rhymes to Kids

When it comes to the introduction of nursery rhymes for kids, it has to be made sure that it is done in a very engaging way. This should be fun to not bore anyone. As much as possible, they would have to be sung, read or even acted out. These are necessary for effectiveness. Poems are said to be really easy to memorize. This is why children find these interesting enough. For so many centuries now, teachers are amused by the way students embrace these nursery rhymes. This is how it has been.

The Introduction of Nursery Rhymes

There are so many ways to teach these kids popular nursery rhymes. These can be engaging and fun. That is for sure. How can one go about these? Check these:

  • Always go for easy rhymes, check the lyrics of the rhyme. Some examples are wheels on the bus song lyrics or ba ba black sheep. This should be the best start for any child. Giving them simple rhymes is a way for them to deal with recalls and the like. Going away with lengthy ones is recommended here. When it comes to beginners, they are most likely going to sing lengthy rhymes and these may vary in trouble too. They will not be able to memorize if that happens. That is why the simpler, the better.
  • Actions and facial expressions are also going to be expected. They have to be present too. They would make the teaching even more fun and entertaining. The rhymes can always be sung like this, which has always been a good idea. The parts of the rhymes may be said if that is necessary. Asking them for parts should also happen. The kids will be helped to memorize this way. Reciting independently is also going to be the case.
  • Practice rhymes are also open all the time. These can always be enjoyed and taught everywhere, which is an ideal fact. This may transpire anytime and anywhere. The kids in this sense have to be encouraged to sing along most songs that they know. They must do this upon preparing for bed, bath or playing. The same is also true if they are being dressed up. This may even be done as they travel and more. Children will join! This has been tested already.

Maximizing Nursery Rhymes for Children

Aside from the ones given above, another effective way for children to learn these rhymes is to watch videos. This is going to help them recall. Kids are normally attached and attracted to beautiful and mesmerizing animated nursery rhyme videos such as this video of Yankee doodle nursery rhyme with lyrics. This is one. When they listen and watch these songs, they will be able to fully understand what these are all about without a hard time at all. There must be a collection of nursery rhymes in doing this though. These videos have to be entertaining, funny and educational in nature. The kids have to be taught of popular nursery rhymes too. These should all be done in a fun and engaging manner. Give all of these a chance for these may work! Do not forget!

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Looking For Some Business Inspirations: Here Are the Top 10 Successful Businessman in the World

It takes a lot of hard-work, dedication and perseverance to start and run a new business. There are many startups that had a shaky beginning but managed to get into the competition. There are also many businesses that got out of business due to not running the venture appropriately.

A successful businessman is one whose business can accomplish a lot and stays ahead in the competition. However, even the successful businessmen had to put a lot of hard work and dedication to their business to flourish it as a successful business, for example famous businessman Kartikeya Sharma iTV owner. This article will take a look at the top 10 successful businessmen in the world.

A look at the top 10 successful businessmen in the world:

  • Mark Zuckerberg: Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and the CEO of the most popular social media website, Facebook.
  • Sergey-Brin: Sergey-Brin is another one of the most successful businessmen in the world and he, along with the co-founder of the popular search engine google, Larry Page. Although Sergey-Brin has gone on to take the lesser role at the Mountain View. He is also considered to be seen as a driving force behind the idea of Google glass.
  • Jeff Bezos: To talk about another successful businessman, Jeff Bezos makes his place in this short list of the top 10 successful businessmen in the world. Jeff Bezos is the founder of the famous online store Amazon.com with millions of consumers taking its service.
  • Larry Page: Larry Page, as mentioned earlier, is the co-founder of Google.
  • Michael Dell: Michael Dell is the founder of the famous company Dell Inc. He started the company initially with $1000 and dedication at the age of 19, which went on to become one of the most successful PC manufacturers in the world.
  • Bill Gates: The list of top 10 successful businessmen in the world would remain incomplete without mentioning Bill Gates. He is considered to be one of the successful businessmen in the world, who started the successful and largest software company Microsoft.
  • Amancio Ortega: Another successful businessman who made his way into this list is Zara clothing line founder Amancio Ortega, who started the successful clothing chain back in 1975.
  • Thomas Persson: He is the owner of the famous clothing line H&M.
  • Joe Gebbia: Another successful businessman to make the list is Joe Gebbia who founded the successful company Air bnb.
  • Warren Buffett: He is the CEO and Chairman and also the largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway.