Anand Mishra the Analyst

Anand Mishra is an expert in analyzing data and offering the best response towards it. He has been in this field for over 15 years dealing with e-commerce focusing on online marketing, sales and financial analysis. He offers solution to clients based on data analysis. He is a team player and is able to establish trust with his clients and also amongst his team. This has enhanced his ability to communicate his thoughts and findings to his clients effectively.

Anand Mishra CEO of StarInfranet is an expert in the following fields; customer research, market research, forecasting and reporting, product analysis and web analysis. To aid in his work he uses various tools which include SQL, Hive, Python, SQL Server, Athena just but a few.


He has worked as a researcher with Amazon, where he offers insights on products which enable clients to make an informed decision on the product to buy. He also assists manufacturers in understanding the market trends and decide on which products to produce for different markets. He designed tools that analysis search defects across Amazon.

He has also worked with PayPal in producing a truth dashboard which aids in analyzing business performance. He came up with a summary that highlighted KPIs and trends. He also officiated the analysis regarding free shipping project by PayPal. This was a pilot project that led to an increase in the number of PayPal users.

He also worked with EBay where he eased the ease of client search of goods. In this project he was able to create links that led clients to goods without much hustle. He led to establishment of category based EBay sites to ease client search for goods. Together with various engineers they were able to create various tools that has been of great value to EBay in understanding client needs and market trends.