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Clash of the Clans: A beginner’s guide to the game

What is it?

It’s a wonderful game that can be played by a single player or multiple players depending on the preferences of the player.

Who can play?

It does have an age requirement of 13, which means that any player between 13 and 17 has to have parental consent. Although things blow up, it is not really graphic violence. The real concern is when young players engage with unknown older players as it is also a multiplayer platform where players regularly meet and help each other defend bases and raid other clans. The game also depends on in-app purchases for progression which might prove expensive for a kid.

For independent humanity, it’s a great game “Clash of Clans” to keep engaged and entertained.

How to get started?

It has a tutorial that guides any newbie through the different steps and layout of the game making sure that any new player is well versed with the game. It’s a useful thing it requires the gamer to be objective and adventurous.  Commonly used terms in the game.


These are the gamers in the community


These are the buildings that there the gamers have to build up to make

Key points of the game

  • Building
  • Defending
  • Collecting gems
  • Bases
  • Trophies
  • Raids on other clans

For new players of Clash of clans, the priority should be keeping strong defenses. So the camp and troops should be well thought out. Resources should be stolen with a view of using them later and no gems should be wasted on trivial things as they will be needed later on.

Clash of clans is highly exciting and thoroughly addictive. Best of all it is easy to grasp for newbies and encourages them to try out new strategies and learn from their mistakes.