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I Am Never Alone; I Have Me!

The emptiness of loneliness is just a myth! It is okay to be alone. However people fight never to be alone, self-help gurus sell millions of books and sell out arenas around the world to teach how to be happy alone. The bigger question is why do people pay so much not to be with themselves? You have to come to the understanding that you are a great person.

It’s important that you love your first before you can like anybody else. Loneliness is not the absence of someone else rather it’s an opportunity to discover who you really are.

Face The Mirror

Facing who you are can be one of the scariest things in the world. Engaging in friendships or relationship can be distracting. It’s easy to get lost in the image that other people may view you in. It’s within human nature not to disappoint those that you are closest however at times those views of other people can project themselves on you. As time goes by you, lose a sense of who you really are.

Time by yourself is a great opportunity to get that to who you are. This is a great time to remember what makes you happy, what makes you sad. To remember the good times, and to reverence the sad times. To come to the understanding of who are you really can only be done in the time of seclusion.

Embrace Being Alone

Human beings are social creatures we like to socialize with those that we have something in common. However just like anything else too much of a good thing is hazardous to health. When you have the chance to get some alone time, you should embrace this time and start to take care of you.

I’m sure many of the thousands of books and videos about how to be happy alone will state embrace the time that you have to be with yourself. Spend this time exploring your deep inner being. Find out something new about you, whether it’s a new hobby, and new favorite food or even a new favorite color. No one knows you like you.

Take Inventory

Live life to the fullest! Up to this one you may have made some mistakes and you must know it is okay to make mistakes. You survive those mistakes and are living today that in itself is a reason to celebrate. It’s all in you,  the past has nothing you can do to change and so why regret it?

Life is great and is too busy to slow down and worry about the things of the past. It’s okay to own up to the mistakes; it is not okay to allow those past mistakes to hinder you from moving forward up. Life is here, enjoy it! Experience every moment that it has to offer. Always remember you are here for a purpose and in your alone time figure out what that purpose is.