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Nursery Rhymes – Your Child’s Dream World

Kids live in their own world of imaginations. Nursery rhymes websites and videos make their dream world more colourful, full of life and mesmerizing. This is the most interesting and the best possible way of learning. It also carries an emotional value in our life as nursery rhymes connect us to our last and next generation. We heard the beautiful rhymes from our parents and grandparents and then we become nostalgic while singing it for our children. Isn’t it a beautiful bond that we share?

Nursery rhymes are stories recited or sung in a rhythmic manner. This robust learning tool introduces the child to many aspects like new vocabularies, language, intonations, enunciation and most importantly the books.

Rhymes- through books or through animated movies?

Nursery rhymes can be introduced to the child in many forms like through books, audio with music or animated films. All the techniques are helpful in developing your child’s personality. Books enhance the child’s reading skills and audio/video develops listening skills and boosts the child’s ability of grasping and learning.

Importance of Nursery rhymes

  • The rhythm and the repetition in the rhymes help the child in memorizing without efforts as they hear the same sentences and vocabularies again and again.
  • The nursery rhymes are short but very descriptive and expressive, because of which the child doesn’t lose interest. The listening skills develop as they love to listen from starting to end.
  • The nursery rhyme books introduce the child to literacy. Even before developing the reading skills, it teaches the child to sit and learn how to handle books. It instils in your child the love for books.
  • The child learns the vocabularies much easily. It even helps your child to learn and use prepositions like on, at, over, to, down, up, behind and in front of.
  • It develops the child’s personality as the children sing the rhymes in the group. It helps the child to connect with his or her peers. They learn to be a part of the social circle and the joy of living and doing things together.